Front Brakes
    Rear Brakes
    Rear Calipers
    Actuation Brakes
    Front Strut
    Rear Shock Absorbers

    Mando Automotive India Private Limited was set up in 1997 as a Joint Venture between Mando Corporation, Korea, and ANAND, India for the manufacture of state-of-the-art Brake Systems, strictly to Mando specifications, with an advanced, high technology facility located at Chennai. We also manufacture suspension products like Shock Absorbers and Struts. Mando Automotive India Private Limited has a Technical License Agreement with Continental Teves of Germany for manufacturing Brake Systems specifically to meet requirements of vehicle manufacturers based in USA and Europe.

    Korean Expertise in Design and Validation

    Mando India’s products are designed in Korea with expertise from Mando Corporation, Korea and are developed in India. The validation of the product is jointly ascertained by the Korean and the Indian companies. We started commercial production for Hyundai in 1998, meeting all Hydraulic Brake requirements of Hyundai Motor India.

    Awarded the ‘Great Place to Work’ status

    Mando India was selected as being amongst the “Great Places to Work” in the Joint study carried out by the Great Places to Work Institute and The Economic Times. We were recognized for our exemplary people practices.