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    Front Brakes
    Rear Brakes
    Rear Calipers
    Actuation Brakes
    Front Strut
    Rear Shock Absorbers

    Mando Automotive India Private Limited was set up in 1997 as a Joint Venture between Mando Corporation, Korea and ANAND, India for the manufacture of advanced technology Brake Systems made entirely to Mando specifications. We also have a Technical License Agreement with Continental Automotive Systems of Germany for manufacturing Brake Systems specifically to meet requirements of vehicle manufacturers based in USA and Europe.

    About Mando Corporation, Korea

    Technology is our vision as well as our Future

    The 50-years history chronicling Mando’s challenges and passion aimed at acquiring the sole proprietary technology amid the developing automotive parts industry has now become a living history of Korean automotive parts. Mando is enjoying the recognition in technology and quality in all markets, worldwide. The company is developing into a global company that manufactures products ranging from the conventional parts to the future high-tech automotive parts through utilizing excellent human resources, cutting-edge production facilities, and advanced quality competitiveness.

    Future prior to the Future

    In Korea, an emerging force in the automotive industry, Mando has been making the necessary preparations for the future of customers by producing excellent automotive parts. As a result, the company is taking a new leap forward as an automotive parts manufacturer that is proudly competing in the global market.

    Mando prepares for tomorrow with transparent management and human-centered philosophy. Through righteousness management that always pursues the right road and adheres to the fundamentals and principles, it has made all-out efforts to become a company loved by customers as well as people all over the world. We consistently practice three (3) core values and fulfills its responsibility and duties as a corporate citizen, remaining a beloved company and a company that shares happiness and love.

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